The KRUPS XP1600 Coffee & Espresso Machine Combination – This is An Exceptional 2 in 1 Coffee-making Unit!

The KRUPS XP1600 Coffee & Espresso Machine Combination – This is An Exceptional 2 in 1 Coffee-making Unit!

The KRUPS XP1600 Coffee Maker and Espresso Machine Combination, Black is designed specifically for those who are searching for a coffee maker and espresso machine, all in one package. With this exceptional unit, you will be in a position of making regular coffee or espresso, in a stress-free manner, anytime you want. All the while, being able to save your kitchen countertop’s space as you won’t require 2 different machines for the job.



Features of Express Espresso Maker

. 10 cup coffee carafe that comes with a lid

. Swing out filter basket

. Drip tray

. Steam nozzle

. Front display screen with alarm clock, programmable feature and on-off button

. Selector knob for choosing either espresso or steam mode

. Non stick warming plate

. Water tank boiler cap

. 2 year global warranty


As would be expected, this express espresso maker does indeed offer a good number of value-added advantages to coffee lovers. Well then, let us now look at some of the most notable of these.

Handy 2 in 1 functionality

The KRUPS XP1600 lets you make regular coffee or espresso whenever you wish to do so, by taking several simplistic steps. For coffee, you only have to fill water to the tank in strict accordance with the exact number of cups you want to make. Next, you will have to swing open the filter basket to add a filter and the coffee grounds, prior to initiating the brewing cycle and you are ready to go. Also, this unit comes with a programming function, which allows you to make coffee at any particular time of the day on a daily basis. As for espresso, you just need to fill the tank to the exact level you wish, then place the coffee grounds into the portafilter, secure the brewing head and initiate the extraction process. Alternatively, should you want to make lattes or cappuccinos, this product comes with an effective steam nozzle that helps in frothing or steaming milk.



Compact space-saving design

This express espresso maker is highly acclaimed for having one of the most compact designs among the combination appliances currently available in the market. Its overall dimensions stand at 16.5” x 11” x 15.9” and weighs a paltry 8.4 lbs. This certainly means that it will never take up much valuable space on your kitchen countertop.

Significant money saving benefits

If you happen to spend plenty of cash on a regular basis on lattes or cappuccinos, purchasing the KRUPS XP1600 can drastically minimize such expenses. With this combination appliance, you will be able to froth milk in just a matter of seconds and make tasty cappuccinos, lattes, mocha or even regular coffee. All of which is thanks to its remarkably efficient steam nozzle. This lets you make all favorite coffee beverages directly at home rather than having to regularly visit a coffee shop.



This express espresso maker is definitely worth the investment as its price tag is fairly affordable when contrasted with the numerous benefits it delivers. With the KRUPS XP1600 you can be able to make coffee or espresso at whatever time you wish to do so. Even better, you can use its programmable feature to schedule your coffee to be made automatically each and every day at the time you prefer.


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